Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Slawo Lomnicki –Chair
Dr. Brian Gullett – Co-Chair
Dr. Kevin Armbrust
Dr. Mark Benfield
Mrs. Kathe Falls
Dr. Chuqi Guo
Dr. Lavrent Khachatryan
Dr. Tyler Mauney


 Scientific Committee

Members of this committee are contributing to the merit content of the program. The list of the committee members includes plenary speakers and session chairs/organizers. The list is expanding with the development of the program. Please contact the organizers at if you would like to organize and chair a special topic session at


In Alphabetical Order

Dr. Kevin Armbrust
Dr. Mark Benfield
Dr. Linda Birnbaum
Dr. Bogdan Dlugogorski
r. Bernard Hennig
Mr. Gary Hunt
Dr. Penny Kennell
Dr. Lavrent Khachatryan
Dr. Robert Letcher
Dr. Slawo Lomnicki
Dr. Takeshi Nakano
Dr. Lorraine Seed

Dr. Anna Stec
Dr. William Suk
Dr. Ralph Zimmerman

IAB (International Advisory Board)

Dr. Georg Becher
Dr. Paolo Brambilla
Dr. Heidelore Fiedler
Dr. Jean-François (Jef) Focant
Dr. Stuart Harrad
Dr. Jianzhong He

Mr. Gary Hunt
Dr. Begoña Jiménez
Dr. Bruno Le Bizec
Dr. Slawo Lomnicki
Dr. Shin-ichi Sakai
Dr. Stephen H. Safe
Dr. Jae-Ho Yang
Dr. Minghui Zheng