42nd International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants

October 9-14 2022, New Orleans

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The Dioxin 2022 Office will provide a support for obtaining US Visa for all of those that require it. We will provide with a strong support letter to help you secure visa. You can receive either an electronic version (pdf) of the letter or we can send you a hard copy. To receive the support letter you have to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Register on the Dioxin 2022 website as participant (dioxin2022.org)
  2. Pay registration fee
  3. Submit an abstract
  4. Reserve the conference hotel – Sheraton on Canal Street (https://book.passkey.com/event/50296918/owner/111/home)
  5. Send an email to dioxin2022@gmail.com with subject line VISA SUPPORT LETTER and all above information included, your full name, address, passport number date of issue and who issued)

The requirement of the paid registration, abstract submission and hotel reservation is to strengthen the letter and provide a scientific and monetary guarantees for the immigration officers to grant the visa.

COVID-19 Policy

The Conference and hotel venue have adopted measures to promote the safety and health of attendees by minimizing the potential for infection and spread of COVID-19. These include ensuring adequate meeting space ventilation, frequent cleaning of work spaces, availability of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, and provision of masks for attendees. The conference adheres to the local New Orleans Ordinance regarding COVID-19, details of which can be found here. Please check this website for any changes before arriving. The Conference encourages all attendees to be vaccinated, although proof of which and a negative COVID-19 test, are not required. However, all participants should use good judgment regarding their health condition in the conference spaces and be respectful of others’ concerns and susceptibilities.
Additionally, those travelling from the outside of US apart from the visa requirements have to conform to US travel regulation as per Center for Disease Control (CDC). To summarize, a proof of vaccination is required. A negative COVID test before comng to US is no longer reqired.

Welcome Message


Dear Colleagues

We would like to invite you to participate in the 42nd edition of the International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants DIOXIN2022 to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. After a rocky two years we are excited to have the scientists from all around the world to meet IN PERSON again and have a vibrant discussions and interactions, without which the progress in science is not possible. We are aiming at a scientific program that will cover prominent issues that have emerged in recent years. This will also include (but not limited to) new aspects of persistent pollutants such as fluorinated compounds, micro- and nano-plastics, electronic wastes, and new classes of brominated flame retardants.

New Orleans offers not only a great location for science but also an opportunity to relax and celebrate together reunion after two years of remote meetings. We have prepared for that an amazing social program, which can be experienced exclusively in New Orleans and Louisiana. At the end, it is a place of jazz, carnivals, and cuisine.

Lessez les bone temp rule.

Chair, Dr. Slawo Lomnicki
Co-Chair, Dr. Brian Gullett

Key dates and deadlines

Early Registration starts:    March 1, 2022

Abstract submission open:  May 1, 2022

Abstract submission closes:  July 22nd, 2022

Early Registration closes:  August  15, 2022

Regular registration closes:  October 5, 2022

Onsite Registration Starts:  October 9, 2022